About us

Kalypton is an award winning, patented technology to enable significant cost reduction to banks and financial services organisations, by allowing real-time, dis-intermediate settlement to mitigate industry non-compliance fines and increase market share.

Tereon’s design comes from founder and CEO, Lars Davies, who co-wrote papers in 1995 as a legal academic on digital cash and electronic payment systems at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies.  He founded Kalypton in to create real world solutions to regulatory and technological challenges such as security, scalability and privacy.

Tereon, takes its name from the koine Greek verb for protecting or safeguarding value, a word that is also the root of the word for Treasure. The root of the name Tereon aptly describes the design ethos behind our revolutionary solution.


Kalypton recognised by US Federal Reserve as payments leader

In August 2017, the US Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force, a broad and inclusive group of stakeholders in the US payments system recognised Kalypton as the leader for realtime payments. View report here.

Kalypton’s crown of top vendor is supported and validated by research that was recently undertaken by American Banker journalist, Kevin Wack. His article, ‘The Fed’s got some big decisions to make on faster payments’ shows a chart, detailing a Faster Payments Scorecard. It clearly shows that Kalypton beat other vendors with its real-time payments technology, Tereon.

Kalypton is honoured to have participated in the Faster Payments Task Force. Part Two of the Final Report provides insights from 16 submitted solution proposals, reflects on several foundational issues that are important to address, and presents the task force’s goals and recommendations for implementing faster payments in the United States:


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