About us

Digitally transact any value or volume, instantly….

Kalypton is a privately funded software company innovating at the intersect of legal, technical and customer experience.

The result tereon-logo2of many years of development is our patent-pending transaction platform called Tereon : enabling the world to digitally transact anything of value in ‘an instant’ – just like a face to face cash transaction. It delivers without compromise: speed, privacy, security, sustainability and interoperability to enable Financial Services companies to rapidly and seamlessly transform settlement, payment and administration functions.

Our Market

The Financial Services industry is witnessing exponential growth in FinTech investments .Tereon is uniquely positioned to improve customer interactions and profitability while reducing operational risk.

Our mission

Our technology enables significant cost reduction, by allowing Financial Services companies to dis-intermediate their processes and mitigate the industries non-compliance fines.

We enable our costumers to increase market share through real-time, ACID consistent transactions across any channel

Finally we increase profitability, trading volume and frequency by deliver settlements in T+0 globally.

Our pedigree

Tereon’s design comes from our CEO, Lars Davies, who co-wrote papers in 1995 as a legal academic on digital cash and electronic payment systems at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies.He founded Kalypton to create real world solutions to regulatory and technological challenges across the board.

Our Intellectual Property and associated Tereon platform  have evolved since 2010 to  finally comprehensively address key challenges:

Tereon, takes its name from the koine Greek verb for protecting or safeguarding value, a word that is also the root of the word for Treasure. The root of the name Tereon aptly describes the design ethos behind the solution.

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