Tereon® – Like cash, it transacts digital value immediately

Tereon is a real-time transaction processing platform. It breaks new ground in performance in terms of:

  • Transaction speed
  • Scalability
  • Information integrity and
  • Service flexibility

This platform support a wide range of use cases without requiring new regulation:

  • Post-trade settlement and other DLT applications
  • Real-time payments including at costs and in use cases relevant to the unbanked and to developing markets
  • Integration with AI and machine learning technologies to provide a real-time reliable data feed and to immediately react to the insights with actions and new services

Its Advantages Result From Its Design:

Privacy and Trust

Tereon does not expose any transaction details to anyone other than the parties to that transaction, unless required to do so for regulatory purposes. Tereon –

  • meets existing financial service regulations, including AML, CFT, MiFID, etc
  • can aggregate market data without compromising privacy of transaction data
  • authenticates systems and individuals without unnecessarily revealing data

Tereon is an open system. It is designed to interface to multiple systems, to support third party solutions via APIs that are made available to those third-parties, and to support and translate between multiple data formats and currencies.

Security, Causality, and Trust

Tereon’s security is not just about preserving the confidentiality of data and transactions. Its model ensures that data is secured without compromising users’ privacy. Tereon –

  • audits every transaction in real time
  • can revoke or reverse transactions if necessary
  • prevents man-in-the-middle attacks
  • preserves causality
  • provides full end-to-end authentication
Scalability and Latency

Tereon is designed from the ground up to be scalable. It uses several novel techniques and methods to ensure that it can scale to meet any service requirements. Tereon –

  • supports ACID consistent transactions
  • supports over 1 million tpson a single server at 10ms per transaction
  • has a concurrent, cloud-native architecture
  • does not base trust on permission to transact It is mathematically proven

Tereon’s goal to operate on efficient, economic hardware has been maintained. It uses commodity, carrier-grade servers rather than specialized hardware.

Causality and accurate timing are both established to the strictest regulatory requirements via the hashchainand counter.