Tereon® — Like cash, it transacts digital value immediately

Tereon is a real-time trans­ac­tion pro­cessing plat­form. It breaks new ground in per­form­ance in terms of:

  • Trans­ac­tion speed
  • Scalab­il­ity
  • Inform­a­tion integ­rity and
  • Ser­vice flexibility

This plat­form sup­port a wide range of use cases without requir­ing new regulation:

  • Post-trade set­tle­ment and other DLT applications
  • Real-time pay­ments includ­ing at costs and in use cases rel­ev­ant to the unbanked and to devel­op­ing markets
  • Integ­ra­tion with AI and machine learn­ing tech­no­lo­gies to provide a real-time reli­able data feed and to imme­di­ately react to the insights with actions and new services

Its Advantages Result From Its Design:

Privacy and Trust

Tereon does not expose any trans­ac­tion details to any­one other than the parties to that trans­ac­tion, unless required to do so for reg­u­lat­ory pur­poses. Tereon –

  • meets exist­ing fin­an­cial ser­vice reg­u­la­tions, includ­ing AML, CFT, MiFID, etc
  • can aggreg­ate mar­ket data without com­prom­ising pri­vacy of trans­ac­tion data
  • authen­tic­ates sys­tems and indi­vidu­als without unne­ces­sar­ily reveal­ing data

Tereon is an open sys­tem. It is designed to inter­face to mul­tiple sys­tems, to sup­port third party solu­tions via APIs that are made avail­able to those third-parties, and to sup­port and trans­late between mul­tiple data formats and currencies.

Security, Causality, and Trust

Tereon’s secur­ity is not just about pre­serving the con­fid­en­ti­al­ity of data and trans­ac­tions. Its model ensures that data is secured without com­prom­ising users’ pri­vacy. Tereon –

  • audits every trans­ac­tion in real time
  • can revoke or reverse trans­ac­tions if necessary
  • pre­vents man-in-the-middle attacks
  • pre­serves causality
  • provides full end-to-end authentication
Scalability and Latency

Tereon is designed from the ground up to be scal­able. It uses sev­eral novel tech­niques and meth­ods to ensure that it can scale to meet any ser­vice require­ments. Tereon –

  • sup­ports ACID con­sist­ent transactions
  • sup­ports over 1 mil­lion tpson a single server at 10ms per transaction
  • has a con­cur­rent, cloud-native architecture
  • does not base trust on per­mis­sion to trans­act It is math­em­at­ic­ally proven

Tereon’s goal to oper­ate on effi­cient, eco­nomic hard­ware has been main­tained. It uses com­mod­ity, carrier-grade serv­ers rather than spe­cial­ized hardware.

Caus­al­ity and accur­ate tim­ing are both estab­lished to the strict­est reg­u­lat­ory require­ments via the hash­chain­and counter.