American Banker speaks to our CEO about the US Fed’s faster payments plan

CEO Lars Dav­ies speaks to Amer­ican Banker Magazine about the Faster Pay­ments Task Force ini­ti­at­ive in the United States. 

Now that a Fed­eral Reserve-convened panel has fin­ished its work on mod­ern­iz­ing the U.S. pay­ment sys­tem, the Fed itself has some import­ant choices to make.

The cent­ral bank has long per­formed key jobs in the nation’s pay­ments eco­sys­tem, provid­ing ser­vices related to paper checks and oper­at­ing one of two U.S. auto­mated clear­ing house net­works. But the Fed’s respons­ib­il­it­ies in a world of faster pay­ments are still up in the air.

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