Kenya Bankers Association

Kalypton CEO Lars Davies and COO Alun Thomas present Tereon to 100 Bank Executives in Nairobi January 28th 2014

Kalypton were delighted to speak at an event arranged by the Kenya Bankers Asso­ci­ation at the Nairobi Hilton

The present­a­tion and demon­stra­tion of Tereon was a part of reg­u­lar event designed to update the KBA mem­ber­ship on pro­gress with the inter­op­er­ab­il­ity project.

A sig­ni­fic­ant fea­ture of the pay­ments scene in Kenya is mobile money and, in par­tic­u­lar, M‑Pesa from Safar­icom. By any stand­ard, M‑Pesa has been a run­away suc­cess. Inter­op­er­ab­il­ity was iden­ti­fied as a key ele­ment of the banks’ response to this success.